Saturday 15th June saw the band leading the Orgreave Truth and Justice Rally in
Orgreave, Sheffield.

This year was the 35th Anniversary of the Rally on behalf of the Orgreave Truth and
Justice Campaign (OTJC), who are pressing for a full and independent inquiry into
the events of June 1984 during the strike at the Orgreave Coking Plant.

The Orgreave Coking Plant was one of a number of plants and mines that were
closed during the 1980’s where the National Miners Union called for a mass picket.
The plant would receive coal from the South Yorkshire mines which was then
converted into coke before being transported for use in steel production.

The band led the march from Orgreave ahead of banners representing the National
Miners Union and a number of former mines from around South Yorkshire

Photo credit: Neil Terry Photography