Unite the Union Brass Band instruments are now 25 years old with some even older. They do deteriorate over time requiring costly repair bills. The band regularly competes against the best bands in the world who are lucky enough to play new instruments and in order to maintain our Championship status we do need to replace ours.

Instruments are very expensive items, a big investment for any band and we simply do not have this money.

We have set a target to replace some of our instruments and whilst working hard towards achieving this aim, we have been given permission to contact each union branch to seek their possible help in a donation to our fund. 

Unite the Union Band are extremely grateful to people, including the below branches, who have so generously donated towards our goal. We really do appreciate your help!

Anyone can make a donation to our fundraising no matter how big or small, so if you wish to help us reach our goal please contact us or you can donate online here.