The band are extremely proud to be sponsored by Britain's biggest union Unite, with 1.42 million members across every type of workplace.
The history of the union movement has been punctuated by mergers in which smaller and more specialised unions have come together to combine their resources and increase their bargaining power and collective strength.

The merger between the AEEU and MSF created Amicus, which was followed by mergers with Unifi and the GPMU. In 2007, Amicus merged with the Transport and General Workers Union to form what is today known as Unite the Union.

Unite is the union for the 21st century meeting the great challenges facing working people today. It’s a democratic and campaigning union which fights back for employees in the workplace, protecting workers' rights and taking trade unionism out to millions of unorganised workers.

It is a union that stands up for equality for all and advances the interests of its members on a political and national level. Unite is also active on a global scale building ever stronger links with trade unions around the world to confront the challenges of our globalised economy.

Our sponsorship originally came from the band’s involvement with the Durham Miner’s Gala. We have been delighted to lead the union contingent for a number of years now at that event and this has led to a more formal sponsorship in recent times as the band enjoy a healthy, on-going  relationship representing Unite.

The band regularly plays at Unite hosted events, lead many of Unites main marches and rallies and perform for visiting guests from all over the globe.

A few of the events that the band have enjoyed representing the Union at in recent years include:

- Durham Miners Gala
- Mexican Miners Conference – Wortley Hall
- Leeds Pride March
- Anti-austerity March - London
- Save our Steel Rally - Sheffield City Hall
- "We're not going back". Red Ladder Theatre Co.
- Orgreave March
- Conservative Party Conference March
- Workers Memorial Day – Leeds
- Leeds Pre-election Rally with Ed Milliband
- Leeds May Day TUC March
- Opening of NUM Building Barnsley






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Unite the Union Brass Band are a Registered Charity: 1040661